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Step 1: Taking the correct measurements.

  • A leotard should be worn when taking measurements, not street clothes.
  • It is very important that you take chest, waist, hip and girth measurements. Please use the convenient worksheet enclosed in the price list to keep a record of all measurements.
  • Do not use last year's leotards or workout garments as a size reference, they do not reflect the correct size your athlete will need this year.

Step 2: Determining how you want the leotard to fit.

  • If you want the leotard to have a sleek fit with minimal wrinkles, you will want to order the closest size that corresponds to your athlete's measurements on our size chart. It is our experience that when the chest and hip measurements do not correspond with a particular size, the girth measurement should be used as the deciding factor.
  • Please note styles with layered fabrics will have a tighter fit.